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ARRI FSND Filter Pro Set 4inx5.65in

Original price was: € 4,605.Current price is: € 4,420. (Excluding Freight, Duty & VAT)

Key Features

  • Made of extremely high-quality Schott B270i glass, with completely flat and parallel surfaces that prevent distortion and astigmatism when used with very long lenses (crucial for UHD).
  • Exceptionally accurate and consistent exposure control.
  • Color neutral and consistent from batch to batch.
  • Eliminates IR pollution on any camera.
  • Perfectly preserves skin tone and doesn’t fade over time.
  • Advanced anti-reflective coating reduces or eliminates interactions between lens elements and adjacent filters (crucial for HDR).
  • C-Shaped, blackened filter edges resist chipping and reflection.
  • Oil and water-resistant.
  • Easy and fast to clean.
  • Hard coated for long filter life.
  • Laser-engraved barcodes facilitate quick check-in and check-out for rental house

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Important Notice

  • This product is exclusively available to Cineom DMCC Dubai  and cannot be purchased online.
  • Please Call +97145570477 or Email to inquire about purchasing this item.

ARRI FSND Filter Pro Set 4inx5.65in

The front line of image control

Many creative choices are difficult, but your choice of neutral density filters shouldn’t be. ARRI Full-Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters offer superior image control with maximum flexibility and no optical compromise.

UHD and HDR are the future of filmmaking. With increased image quality comes the need for superior optical quality. Low-cost filters introduce artifacts such as flare, glare, reduced color saturation, and optical distortions, all of which compromise the integrity of high dynamic range and wide color gamut images.

Many manufacturers sandwich the filtration material between two pieces of glass, which can introduce astigmatism and other optical distortions. ARRI FSND filters are surfaced coated, with highly-polished high optical quality glass as a base. They are distortion free, even when used in conjunction with long focal length lenses.

ARRI FSND filters leave image control to the cinematographer. They are perfectly color neutral, exceptionally resistant to flare and glare, protective of the color within the scene, and introduce no discernible image distortions at even the longest focal lengths. Most importantly, they eliminate far red (“IR”) contamination without affecting skin tone.

In The Box

1 x ARRI FSND 0.3 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x ARRI FSND 0.6 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x ARRI FSND 0.9 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x ARRI FSND 1.2 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x ARRI FSND 1.5 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x ARRI FSND 1.8 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x  ARRI FSND 2.1 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x  ARRI FSND 2.4 Filter 4in x 5.65in

1 x Optical Cleaning Cloth 14.6 x 17.7 inch


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