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Wireless Video Solutions - 1 Receiver

Wireless Video Transmitter WVT & WVR-1 Set

 12,280  11,155.25

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Important Notice

  • This product is exclusively available to Cineom DMCC Dubai  and cannot be purchased online.
  • Please Call +97145570477 or Email to inquire about purchasing this item.

Package Includes

Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1, Pro Set

  • 1 x Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 device
  • 1 x 3/8in Thread Adapter
  • 1 x Cable PWR OUT/12V (2p) – RS/PWR IN (3p) (0.5m/1.6ft)
  • 1 x Cable RS – RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft)
  • 1 x Cable D-Tap – RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft)
  • 1 x L-Bracket
  • 1 x USB Cable WVS
  • 1 x HDTV BNC Cable (0.3m/1ft)
  • 2 x Antenna Video/WiFi/ECS

Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1, Basic Set

  • 1 x Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 device
  • 1 x Multi Interface Adapter MIA-1
  • 1 x Receiver Power Supply RPS-1
  • 1 x USB Cable WVS
  • 5 x Antenna Video/WiFi/ECS
  • Note: Battery Adapter Plates for WVR-1 are not included and can be ordered separately.

Battery Adapter Cage BAC-V V-Mount for WVT-1

  • 1 x Cable RS/PWR IN (3p) – PWR OUT/12V (2p) (0.15m/0.5ft)

1 x WVR-1 Battery Adapter V-lock BAV-1

1 x TV Logic 16.5″ FHD High-end LCD Monitor.

1 x Battery Adapter

Configuration Overview

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