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REVEAL Color Science -Unveil the true beauty of your images

REVEAL Color Science

Higher image quality, faster workflow

ARRI’s discussions with filmmakers and a careful review of the image pipeline have led to significant image quality enhancements and a faster, easier workflow. REVEAL Color Science is a completely new image processing chain used by ALEXA 35 internally and available for ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF in postproduction. 

REVEAL Color Science

ARRI Debayer Algorithm ADA-7

  • First step in the new and improved image processing chain
  • Converts ARRIRAW into camera-native RGB image data
  • Makes the most of ARRI sensors
  • Sharper images and cleaner edges
  • Easy compositing speeds up VFX work in post
alexa 35 debayer 01

ARRI Color Engine ACE4

  • Transforms camera-native RGB image data into the AWG4 color space
  • Brings what the camera ‘sees’ closer to human visual perception
  • More accurate and subtle color reproduction
  • Pleasing and naturalistic rendition of all skin tones
  • Better color tracking and differentiation at all exposure levels
  • Greatly improved bright saturated colors
  • Same color tones in SDR and HDR
alexa 35 2022 05 15 ace4 01

ARRI Wide Gamut AWG4

  • New camera color space for faster and easier grading
  • “Goldilocks” color space: just the right size
  • Larger than Rec 2020 but minimizes “virtual” colors
  • Fully enclosed by and compatible with ACES
  • More accurate color space conversions
ARRI Wide Gamut AWG4

LogC4 Curve

  • Encodes brightness changes
  • Captures the sensor’s increased dynamic range
LogC4 Curve

LogC4 Display Look-Up Tables

  • Transform LogC4/AWG4 images into various display color spaces
  • Take full advantage of ARRI sensors and LogC4/AWG4
  • Should be used for all LogC4 images
  • Improved color fidelity
LogC4 Display Look Up Tables

Cross-camera compatibility

Although it is possible to intercut images from all digital ARRI cameras, a perfect color match with the ALEXA 35 can be achieved by processing ARRIRAW from the ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF through REVEAL Color Science. To do so, you can use the ARRI Reference Tool and/or many third-party software tools. For more information on third-party tool compatibility, check “Downloads” below.

Cross camera compatibility

Color improvement and a perfect match

ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF match extraordinarily closely in REVEAL. For this comparison, a digital color picker was used to grab values off each of the color chart’s sample colors. They were then added to an Excel table so that color shifts could be seen more clearly.

colors 1 data
colors b w 2 data

In the grayscale version of this image, differences in luminance can be seen between some of the samples. This is because REVEAL is not only accurate with hue and saturation, it also correctly reproduces the perceptual brightness of colors.


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