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Rectangular Diopter +2.0 (4 x 5.65″ Matte Box)

 1,419 (Excluding Freight, Duty & VAT)

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  • This product is exclusively available to Cineom DMCC Dubai  and cannot be purchased online.
  • Please Call +97145570477 or Email to inquire about purchasing this item.

Rectangular Diopter +2.0 (4 x 5.65″ Matte Box)

Working with round diopters and donuts is a time-consuming process. Our Rectangular Diopters slide quickly into any standard 4” x 5.65” matte box (Arri, Chrosziel, etc.) from the top or the side and make life on the set just a little bit easier.

Created by using the highest quality glass, these extremely thin diopters are currently available in magnification factors of +0.5, +0.8, and +2.0.

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