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Re-Useable Marker Pen Kit

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Re-Useable Marker Pen Kit

Introducing the best marker pen for use with Filmsticks Clapperboards. We have tested hundreds of products in the field and on set, in search of the most sustainable and highest quality pen. Our pens are reusable by replacing the ink cartridges which saves on disposing of your pen after use. You can also replace the chisel tips when they begin to wear down.

  • Introducing our latest Filmsticks Clapperboard accessory – the last marker pen you will ever need for your acrylic board with large ink capacity
  • We are conscious of our efforts when it comes to manufacturing more sustainable products, therefore our Filmsticks non-permanent marker pens are re-useable, meaning you do not have to throw them away, filling the earth with unnecessary waste
  • Not only can you use our marker pen for your clapperboard, but you can also use it as a multi-purpose regular whiteboard pen for classes or around the office during your meetings or presentations
  • All our marker pens are 0.9x 5.3 in. (22mm x 136mm) and weigh only 0.9 oz. (25g). Pen and cartridge main material: Polypropylene, Ink type: Oil-based. 60% of Ethanol (No xylene and toluene)

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