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Artemis Vest

 3,800 (Excluding Freight, Duty & VAT)

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Artemis Vest

The ARTEMIS vest has seven segments that can be freely positioned in height and width allowing operators to adjust the
shoulder, chest and hip segments perfectly to their individual physique. The perfect fit of this vest therefore allows longer
operating times as the operator will not get exhausted too quickly. The vest also prevents an unhealthy posture that may
cause pain if maintained too long. The ARTEMIS Vest fits all operators, regardless of their individual body height and girth.
The modular design means the padding is interchangeable thus allowing more than one operator to use the same
ARTEMIS vest by inserting his own pad set


Highly adjustable and modular vest. Only extreme comfortable and modern fabrics are used for the ARTEMIS vest. Fits any operator with a height from 1.5m up to 2.1m / 4.9ft up to 6.56ft
Weight: 4.5kg/9.9lb
With standard industrial vest-to-arm connector

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