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ARRI FF-5 Follow Focus Kit

 3,465 (Excluding Freight, Duty & VAT)

Key Features

  • Snaps Onto 19 or 15mm LWS Rods
  • Cine-Style Base with 2:1 Gear Ratio
  • Single Unit for Left/Operator Side
  • Includes 1 x Standard Focus Knob
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Important Notice

ARRI’s FF-5 Cine Follow Focus Base is designed to snap onto a pair of 15 or 19mm lightweight rods. An adapter is required to use the FF-5 Cine with 15 or 19mm studio rod systems (not included). This base unit of the FF-5 does not come with any knobs or lens gears (available separately).

The FF-5 Cine Base is designed for cine-style lenses. With a gear ratio of 2:1, one turn of the focus knob results in two turns of the focus gear. This gear ratio suits the generously-spaced focus marks found on most cine lenses.

In the Box

1 x FF-5 Cine base

1 x Focus knob standard left

1 x FF Gear 0.8 Mod, 35 Tooth, 10mm

1 x FF Gear 0.8 Mod, 43 Tooth, 6mm

1 x Focus knob standard right

1 x Focus lever Speed Handle/Focus Crank

1 x Flexible shaft short, 300mm

1 x Marking disk flat

1  x Adapter FF-5 for 19mm Studio Support

additional accessories e.g. Adapters for 19 mm or 15 mm have to be ordered separately.

Configuration Overview

10 FF5 ARRI FF 5 Follow Focus Kit Configuration Overview


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