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Artemis EFP HD 1.8in, Basic Set, Gold Mount


Key Features

  • Suitable for both cine-style and broadcast use with high capacity wiring.
  • 8″” camera dovetail plate
  • One SD-SDI and two HD-SDI video outputs
  • D-Tap and USB outputs to power accessories
  • Telescoping center post
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Top-mounted voltmeter for easy visibility
  • Modular, upgradable design
  • Tally support
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Important Notice

  • This product is exclusively available to Cineom DMCC Dubai  and cannot be purchased online.
  • Please call +97145570477 or email [email protected] to inquire about purchasing this item.

Highly modular mechanical camera stabilizer system.The perfect tool for broadcast and cine application. Upgradeable to the TRINITY system.


  • 12V high capacity wiring
  • Hot Swap based battery management
  • 1 x HD SDI video line
  • Tally
  • Telescopic post 1.8in with fine trim length adjustment
  • Super low friction 1.8in gimbal

Note: The set is supplied with a foam insert that fits into the optional Pelican 1615 Air case (K2.0016274).
Note: Monitor, monitor bracket and cables are not included in the set and must be ordered separately.

In The Box

  • 1x artemis EFP HD 1.8in, Gold Mount
  • 1x artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in
  • 1x artemis Camera Dovetail Plate, 8in
  • 1x Post Tool for artemis and TRINITY
  • 1x Hex Key 2mm
  • 1x Hex Key 1.5mm
  • 1x Cam Power, EFP, 12V, HiCap, XLR
  • 1x Cam Power, EFP, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA
  • 1x Cam Power, EFP, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA Mini"

Configuration Overview

18 ARRI Artemis EFP HD 1.5inn Basic Set Gold Mount Configuration Overview

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