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Meet the Revolutionary Thunderbolt 3 RAID 6 NVMe Drive from Iodyne Pro Data: Unlocking Storage Potential Like Never Before

Do you need more storage space on your devices? And looking for a secure external storage solution? Look no further than the Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive by Iodyne Pro Data!

This game-changing storage technology is revolutionising the industry and unlocking endless possibilities. Whether you’re a DIT, content creator, Video editor, Colourist or 3D graphics designer, this innovation redefines how we store information. Get ready to experience lightning-fast speeds, unparalleled data security, and massive storage capacity – it’s time to unleash your full potential like never before!

Introduction to Iodyne Pro Data

Introduction to Iodyne Pro Data

The founders of Iodyne have an impressive track record of designing top-of-the-line enterprise storage systems for over two decades. They have established a company that aims to bring breakthrough storage technologies to Pro desktops and workgroups to create the storage solution people use daily to store essential data.

To achieve this, they have developed a robust storage solution with breakthrough performance, RAID-6, and encryption that rivals the most potent enterprise storage devices. Additionally, they have integrated cutting-edge technologies such as Thunderbolt NVMe Multipathing and Storage Handoff. This secure and private storage solution ensures that only you can access your data. It is also expandable, with up to 48TB of SSD and the ability to connect multiple devices in a daisy chain. Moreover, it is designed for Repair, ensuring that your investment in data storage lasts beyond the lifetime of your next computer. Furthermore, the storage solution boasts an elegant industrial design with a beautiful, simple, native Mac user interface.

We hope you will consider Pro Data for your desk, DIT cart, or lab, as it can store your next incredible image, sound, design, movie, animation, or idea.

Overview of The Iodyne Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 NVMe Drives

Overview of The Iodyne Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 NVMe Drives

Pros have been forced to choose between small, fast internal or external SSDs or big, slow and bulky hard-disk RAID arrays for the past decade. Not any longer.

With the rapid advancements in technology across all fields, there is a growing demand for data storage. Upgrading old HD content to 4K, UHD, HDR, Dolby Vision, and even 8K is currently trending, and who knows what the future will bring – maybe even up to 32K someday. However, file sizes are also increasing every day. While HD footage can fit in MBs, 8K raw footage will require TBs of space and high-speed storage solutions. The only solution to cater to this requirement is an NVMe drive, which can provide massive read and write speeds. Unfortunately, there are no NVMe drives with failure-safe or RAID options, and all available NVMe drives are not more than 2TB. This is where Iodyne comes into the picture. Iodyne Pro Data is excited to introduce the Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 drive with encryption. These new drives offer users unprecedented performance and capacity, making them the perfect solution for those needing reliable, high-speed storage.

To tackle complex projects, it is imperative to use a combination of storage types, Cloud services, and backups. The Pro Data is an all-NVMe, all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID device that expertly integrates various SSDs and Thunderbolt port pairs into a single device. This state-of-the-art device ensures you can securely store all your active project assets in one location, with the added protection of RAID-6 and Encryption. Whether you are working in a workgroup, ultimate desktop, or DIT cart setup, the Pro Data will revolutionise your following setup or enhance your current one. Link multiple computers and witness the power of Pro Data first-hand.

Advantages and Features of the Drives

Advantages and Features of the Drives

The Thunderbolt RAID drive from Iodyne Pro Data is a revolutionary professional storage solution. Its numerous advantages and features make it an ideal choice for your data storage needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the Thunderbolt RAID drive:

1. Performance

Pro Data is a high-performance Thunderbolt storage solution that boasts twelve NVMe SSDs, a 64GB/s PCI Express Fabric, 8 Thunderbolt ports, and cutting-edge technology powered by a System-on-a-Chip. With Pro Data, multiple Thunderbolt ports can be seamlessly combined to boost the performance of NVMe Express storage workloads. It is the fastest storage option available and compatible with any Thunderbolt-capable computer.

2. Right to Repair

Pro Data’s sleek form factor provides active cooling to prevent thermal performance throttling while remaining whisper-quiet, even during challenging or sustained workloads. An innovative Design for Repair ensures your right to repair while protecting the long-term integrity of your most valuable data assets.

3. Containers

Set up Transactional RAID-6 containers for critical work and backups, or opt for RAID-0 Scratch containers to simplify access to temporary files for your applications. These containers store your computer’s filesystems, such as APFS. Direct the apps in your workflow to the correct directory, and they will work seamlessly with Pro Data. With Pro Data’s Dynamic Striping, data and parity are efficiently and smartly distributed across your device’s SSDs. The system also adjusts automatically when it’s time to replace an SSD module.

4. Storage Handoff

By utilising multiple containers to keep everything organised, up to four computers can connect to the Pro Data simultaneously. With Storage Handoff, workflow tasks can be easily distributed among teammates with just one click. Collaborating and sharing data has always been challenging. Additionally, the Handoff feature allows for the seamless transfer of containers between M1 and Intel Macs, making it the perfect set-up for developers.

5. Reliability & Security

At Pro Data, the security of customers’ information is of utmost importance. They have implemented strong AES-XTS-256 encryption to ensure that all data is securely protected, even in the event of loss or theft. The encryption keys used are stored in a hardware Secure Enclave and safeguarded by strong passwords that are stored in your Keychain. You can rely on Iodyne to keep your assets safe and secure.

6. SSD Life Time

Pro Data’s Transactional RAID distributes user data and parity over all twelve NVMe SSDs with minimal write implication, resulting in 10 times the lifespan of a standard SSD. Unlike external SSDs, Pro Data’s performance remains consistent during the most intense workloads for hours without degradation.

7. SSD Management

Track the status of your Pro Data with ease using our native Mac app, that’s both beautiful and simple. Pro Data monitors the health and lifespan of all internal SSDs automatically and connects with iodyne Cloud to order replacement SSDs over the lifetime of your device.

Use Case Scenarios for Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

Use Case Scenarios for Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

When it comes to data storage, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The needs of each individual and organisation are unique, as are the use cases for each specific application. That’s why Iodyne Pro Data has developed the Thunderbolt RAID 6 drive, which offers unbeatable storage potential for a wide range of users and organisations.

The Thunderbolt RAID 6 drive is ideal for use cases that require high-capacity storage, speed, and reliability. For example, it is perfect for video editing and post-production workflows, where large amounts of data must be stored quickly and securely. It is also ideal for scientific research applications that require extensive data sets to be processed promptly and accurately.

Whether storing large amounts of data securely or processing massive data sets quickly, the Thunderbolt RAID 6 drive from Iodyne Pro Data is the perfect solution. With its high capacity, speed, and reliability, it will help you unlock the full potential of your data storage applications.

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

As the data storage needs of businesses and individual consumers continue to grow, Iodyne Pro Data has developed a Thunderbolt Raid 6 drive that offers unprecedented speed and capacity.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your new Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 drive:

1. Use the included software to configure your raid array. The software is easy to use and allows you to create a custom raid configuration that meets your needs.

2. Connect your Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 drive to a Thunderbolt 3 port on your computer or other devices. The Thunderbolt 3 interface offers the fastest possible data transfer speeds to take full advantage of your new drive’s increased capacity and speed.

3. Take advantage of the increased capacity by storing large files or backing up important data. With up to 48TB of storage capacity, you can keep everything from high-resolution photos and videos to large databases and application files.

4. Enjoy blazing-fast data transfer speeds when copying or moving files to and from your computer or other devices. With data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps, you can quickly transfer even the most extensive files in seconds.

FAQs about the Pro Data Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

FAQs about the Pro Data Thunderbolt 3 Raid 6 Drive

There is a lot to love about the Pro Data Thunderbolt Raid 6 Drive.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get to know this fantastic piece of technology:

The Pro Data Thunderbolt Raid 6 Drive is a high-capacity external hard drive that uses the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology to deliver incredible speeds and unparalleled flexibility. With up to 48TB of storage capacity, it’s perfect for demanding workflows that require large amounts of data.

The Pro Data Thunderbolt Raid 6 Drive offers transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, making it one of the fastest external hard drives on the market. Its dual Thunderbolts 3 ports can also achieve unprecedented data throughput of up to 5500MB/s.

The Pro Data Thunderbolt Raid 6 Drive has several unique features that set it apart from other external hard drives. It utilises Transactional RAID-6 and RAID-0 Data Checksums and Self-Healing XTS-AES-256 Encryption with Hardware Secure Enclave. It offers NVMe Thunderbolt Multipathing with up to 4× paths and Multi-User connectivity for up to 4× computers. Additionally, it allows for Storage Handoff between connected macOS computers and offers Dynamic Containers with up to 15 containers per device. RAID Levels per-Container come with adaptive striping and parity, and Automatic SSD Fault Management and RAID Resilvering are included. It’s designed for easy Self-Repair of SSD modules. You will receive a 1-year standard warranty for your device. However, if you register your device with an iodyne Cloud account, you can extend the contract to 3 years at no additional cost. Additionally, while your device is under warranty, you can receive free replacement SSD modules.

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