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ARRI Releasing ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.0

ARRI is releasing ALEXA Mini LF Software Update Package 7.0, an update that includes new recording formats and many more features that enhance the usability of the camera.

One of the most asked for additions to the Mini LF are the new Super 35 recording formats. With these new formats, the Mini LF is now more flexible than ever and can be used for both large-format and Super 35 productions. In addition, three of the four Super 35 recording formats offer higher frame rates than the ALEXA Mini.

At the same time, we are expanding the cameras’ features for the immensely popular large format. Two new large format recording formats deliver the large format look with a significantly reduced data rate (HD or UHD recording). Many additional features are based on customer requests and greatly improve the overall usability of the camera.

An overview of features can be found below. A more detailed description of features and updating instructions can be found in the Release Notes, which are available in the download section.

Features Overview

  • New Super 35 and new large format recording formats
  • New recording format names
  • Improved MAGNIFICATION and more framelines
  • Signature Zoom Extender 1.7x support
  • User setup file compatibility 
  • Camera Access Protocol (CAP) enhancements 
  • Improved communication of LBUS devices and other ECS improvements 
  • Improved logfile exporting 
  • System stability improvements


ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.0 can be installed on all previously shipped ALEXA Mini LF cameras and we recommend updating from SUP 6.0.22 to SUP 7.0. However, we do not recommend updating a new SUP in the middle of a production. If your camera is not running Mini LF SUP 6.0.22, please update it to 6.0.22 before updating to 7.0. Please read through the Release Notes before you update your camera.


While it is possible to downgrade ALEXA Mini LF cameras to previous SUP versions from this version, we strongly recommend against this, since this SUP includes important bug fixes and significantly enhances stability.

Download Details Here


If you have not done so already, please make sure you register your camera using our online customer registration. Your registration ensures that you receive information about future software updates as soon as they are available. If you register your new camera within 1 month of purchase, you will get a 6-month extended warranty for free. You can find the registration here.


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